Trust Fund Economics




"The Tim Version is Gainesville punk (from Tampa), with better jobs and a better van! Wrap 'em up in a tortilla with The Replacements, Radon, Leatherface, Hot Water Music, Motorhead, country legends of old, and a hefty dose of fast, bring-the-house-down punk rock, and you've got a mighty fine burrito! This here album is uptempo, adrenalin-charged and whiskey-soaked, but some of the finest moments are also found when they step back and let the full-on country songs breathe and move. You will swear you've heard these songs your whole life on a crackling AM radio. I'd say they do what they do because they don't know any better, but the lead crooner really IS a rocket scientist. The drummer plays traditional style (read: "holds sticks weird"), and is way better than he should be, the jerk! And between them, they have an encyclopedic knowledge of music, crossing all genres. If you are hearing The Tim Version for the first time, then this is a very good day indeed! Put on the record, pour yourself a cold drink, and escape from the heat for a little while here in the shade." -- Var Thelin


released September 23, 2014

The Tim Version:
Mike Paul - bass
Scott Laval - guitar, vocals
Shawn Watkins - drums, vocals
Russ Van Cleave - guitar, sore throat

Recorded and mixed by Mark Nikolich at Atomic Audio



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No Idea Records Gainesville, Florida

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Track Name: Horse Sense
There’s gotta be a disease for people like me, who wake up every morning to the news, lookin’ for the pebble on the hill that’ll start the final landslide and unleash an apocalyptic avalanche of holy shit. But it’s not so much belief in the bible as it is in the people who believe. And not so much in survival as it is in the loans we’ll take to keep it. And all the trust fund kids in NYC are living on their parents’ money, while third world parents do anything to keep their kids from going hungry. And when there’s nothing left to kill to put food on third world plates, no fence or wall will be tall enough to keep first world children safe. And we all live in denial. And no one wants to see, we’ve taken loans on survival and the interest is long past due to keep it. So count bad assets. Count death and taxes. Just don’t ask yourself, “How did it ever come to this?”
Track Name: Mentally Illin'
2. HORSE SENSE I go to work so I won’t have to go to work someday, where they build bombs so we won’t go to war. And the morning after I got drunk, just to forget about a long day instead I can’t recall the night before. And I was taught to love so I could learn about loneliness and heartache, misery, depression and cold fear. So listen up to all you kids who think you’ll understand it someday. Pay no mind cuz things still don?t make sense from here.

Backup Vocals: Scott Laval.
Track Name: Trust Fund Economics
3. MENTALLY ILLIN’ Too young for the sentimentals, too old for the war. You track tires through mud in the middle of it all. The last compromise has come and gone and it was rotten to the core. There’s no more dialtones left when you go to make a call. It’s just ordinary life. The same shit that keeps you numb all day will keep you wide awake at night. But the sun still shines in the back of my mind, where the sea salt air eats away at the copper wires. Now I’m in the valley of the dry bones feeling like Ezekial, ‘cuz I’ve found a sunny place for shady people.

Backuo Vocals: Dan Padilla.